Press Release

It’s late Saturday night when I sit down with Steve Grossman or Yoda as his friends like to call him. Yoda has just completed performing three songs at the Guitar Merchants, in West Hills, CA. Saturday open mic showcase that blew me and everyone in the audience away. Congratulations Yoda for that performance. “Thank you.”

So I understand that this was your first live performance ever, where have you been all these years? “Performing in my shower where all the great performers are. I’m the definition of a late bloomer. I have been playing guitar since I was 11 and it took me 5 decades to get over some self talk about my abilities to perform. I don’t like talking about anything negative but I think you and your readers have similar believes about themselves in some area of their lives. But with the help of a course called The Master Key Experience and some amazing people associated with it I was able to change that and do something that I have always wanted to do, entertain people with my music. I realized one morning that entertaining people was what made my heart sing so I focused on bringing my music out to the world.”

So how exactly did you get over that negative self talk? “I have believed for most of my adult life that we create everything in our world and everything in this world first started with a thought. Every house, road, bridge, song or Pet Rock started as a thought so I changed my thoughts and created this night in my imagination and with the help of the techniques of The Master Key Experience we are standing here talking. I changed my world within to change my world without.” Fascinating!

Your background is as a CPA and accounting consultant, right? “Yes in 1982 I started with one of the largest accounting firms in the world, Deloitte, and in 1989 I left to start my consulting practice.” But you also don’t do that anymore either. “So true the income from my 8 to 10 hours a week part-time home business with a Company called LifeWave now exceeds the income from my consulting business so now I have more time to write and perform music, play my favorite sport pickleball and hang out with my girlfriend Kathy and her two kids.” The income from an 8 to 10 hour a week part time business now exceeds a full time six figure plus consulting practice? “Sure does my LifeWave business is built on the wealth building principle of leverage. I focused my time and energy on making my other LifeWave business partners successful and I became very successful. It’s a great feeling helping others live their dreams.” Sounds like it’s a win win for everyone. “It is, gotta run family and friends are waiting to celebrate this amazing night. Thanks for your interest in my story.”