About Me

Born and raised in Southern California I spent my youth on tennis courts and on a surf board. I was the luckiest kid in the world because of my dad having season tickets to UCLA Basketball. Not to many kids grew up watching the great John Wooden and the incredible UCLA Bruins basketball teams. Played High School tennis and ended up with a full tennis scholarship to Cal State Northridge, $150 a semester plus books. From Northridge I joined one of the Big Eight accounting firms, Deloitte, were I spent seven years before starting my own consulting business in 1989.

From surfing I moved to windsurfing and from skiing I moved to snowboarding. My passion for tennis remained and I spent many years on the courts until November 2017 when I found my latest passion Pickleball. Love playing my acoustic guitar whenever I can and spending time with my girlfriend.

With my background as a CPA and accounting consultant I have seen every business model there is and I love the network marketing model. I love it because it is a business built on leverage which is the key to building wealth. I have been on the inside and the outside of many network marketing companies but my favorite is when I’m on the outside building teams.

All my friends call me “Yoda” and so can you.